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Dual focus dish,

Receive 2 Satellites from 1 Dish - Astra / Hotbird

Commonly known as a Dual Focus system, this can be achieved by simply fitting two separate LNB's side by side your dish with the use of a side saddle bracket. Another method is by means of fitting a Monoblock LNB ( a monoblock is 2 LNB's in 1 with a fixed spacing between them ) this will fit in your dish's LNB clamp. See picture in our LNB section

The most common use of this type of system is to receive the ASTRA satellite at 19 degrees and the HOTBIRD satellite at 13 degrees. Generally an 80cm dish is required to achieve this.

A monoblock LNB has a spacing of 6 degrees so allowing both satellites to be received via 1 dish, it's as simple as lining up the LNB on the main satellite you require, then the other is already there due to the preset spacing of the LNB.

The switching between the 2 satellites is done by the DISEcQ commands in your receiver's software.. [ info ]

Dual Focus [ Monoblock LNB ]