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4G effects on tv signals

here is a some info on the affects of 4G to tv, reception , current estimates are that it will affect aroun 90,000 homes in the UK but a simple 4G filter fitted between the aerial and t.v (or amp if fitted ) should cure the problems

How the new 4G mobile service will affect Freeview TV

The new 4G mobile phone service is soon to launch in the UK, at800 is a company that has been formed to mitigate the interference caused by the roll-out.

The arrival of 4G
This year will see the arrival of new 4G services, enabling the super-fast internet on your mobile phones. But while 4G will benefit the UK by giving us access to next generation mobile internet services, it may also have the side effect of interfering with a minority of people’s existing Freeview service.

Why is this happening?

4G services are essential to making the UK a modern, digital economy and ensuring we remain globally competitive. Other countries are also upgrading their mobile networks. 4G brings faster and more reliable internet services, which are essential as more of the things we do rely on a connection to the internet. We’ll be able to watch more TV on our mobile phones, do more shopping online, and work more flexibly when we’re on the go. As 4G arrives, some services will run on the 800 MHz spectrum band, which is close to the frequency used by certain Freeview services. Because of this proximity, viewers who watch Freeview but live close to a new 4G mast, could experience interference.

When will it happen?

TV interference can only occur once the mobile operators roll-out 4G in your area. Viewers will be affected at different times depending on the operators’ roll-out plans. at800 will contact viewers by post living in areas due to experience disturbance up to 12 weeks, and no later than four weeks, before interference could occur.

The Solution

at800 will ensure that all Freeview viewers continue to receive clear TV signals when 4G mobile services at 800 MHz are launched. They are there to provide a range of free support to those living in affected areas – from mailing you helpful information to providing free filters to those that qualify. They will also provide extra help to the minority of households whose service disruption is less straightforward to resolve. If you are living in an interference zone, They will let you know before 4G services launch in your area. That way, you will be aware of what you need to do before interference occurs.

Who to contact

at800 is run by Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited (DMSL), the mobile network operator-owned company which has been formed to mitigate the interference caused by the roll-out of 4G on digital terrestrial television (DTT). If you are have concerns or a problem related to 4G interference please contact at800.
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