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(Code: multi-info)
Imageshows a view of the sky with two satellites represented along with a corresponding monoblok LNB feed array.This monoblok multi LNB dish feed needs to be tilted anticlockwise if used to receive from two satellites in the south east. If used for satellites due south then it needs to be used upright, as illustrated. If used for satellites towards the south west then the feed array should be tilted in a clockwise direction. Note that in this monoblok design the distances between the feeds is fixed, so this unit is suitable for its intended dish focal length only. It is not suitable for use with dishes of longer or shorter focal lengths.
For the enthusiast it is possible to use a fully adjustable multi-LNB arrangement with perhaps as many and 5 LNB/feeds. In this case set the pointing for the central feed first and then adjust the outer feeds individually. Up/down and sideways movements are needed to find the satellites and then individual rotation to set the polarization/skew angles. This fully adjustable design is suitable for a dishes with a variety of sizes and focal lengths.each L.n.b can be connected to a diseqc switch (2 or 4way) and controlled from the satellite receiver via the diseqc commands