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Sky digital

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Receiving Sky / BBC, ITV in Europe

Many people ask about reception of their favourite programs from Europe whether they are taking their digiboxes away with them on holiday in Caravans/motorhomes or having systems installed in holiday homes etc.

The answer is YES it is possible - how many times have you walked into a bar in Spain to watch your favourite soaps or to see a Premiership football match ?

There are at present three separate beams transmitting down to us from the Astra2 satellite at orbital position (28.2 degrees East), each one containing their own set of channel packages.

Astra 2 - North beam - showing the dish size required to receive it's channel packages ...

Astra 2 - South beam - showing it's extended coverage of Southern Europe ...

Astra 2D - Spot beam - tightly focussed around the UK, outside this footprint the signal becomes very weak..

Note: Only this beam broadcasts the BBC and ITV free to air channels..


From the footprint maps above you should be able to calculate the required dish size for your location. Quite often you will find that if you don't have the complete set of channels you won't be receiving signals from all the required satellite beams.

The simple rule is - the bigger the dish, the more signal captured. A little local knowledge can be worth it's weight in gold - see what dish size your neighbours are using and if they get full reception.

You can of course, if you wish, use a small dish to just receive the channels from one of the beams knowing that a larger dish is required for full reception of them all. [ back to info ]