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Sky digital

 installer for difficult and unusual Sky installations...


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To install your TV Link you will need to run a length of coax cable from the socket marked RF2 on the back of your Sky Digibox directly to the TV you wish to watch Sky on. Simply plug the cable into one side of the TV Link and then plug the TV Link into the TV aerial socket.

The TV Link has to be powered up, carrying out the following procedure with your sky remote control and in front of your Digibox does this.

  1. Press SERVICES
  2. Press 4 for SYSTEM SETUP
  3. Press 0 then 1 then Press SELECT - to enter Installers Menu
  4. (or 001 for H/D box”s)
  5. Press 4 for RF OUTLETS( or scroll across installers task bar for H/D box)
  6. scroll down to RF OUTLET POWER SUPPLY and turn it to on.
  7. Scroll down to SAVE NEW SETTINGS and Press SELECT to store the changes
  8. Press BACKUP to go Back to your Sky channel
  9. for sky H/D receivers;
  10. press services
  11. press 001 select(installers menu will appear)
  12. select RF outlets
  13. select 2nd outlet psu and turn on
  14. save settings
  15. press sky button

Having done this you will find that the little light on the TV Link will now be lit confirming that you have correctly turned on the power to the link and that your cable and connectors have been fitted correctly.

Once you have tuned your TV to the Sky channel you will find you can control your digibox functions from here using a Sky remote control (or Sky+ remote control if you have a Sky+ machine)

Should you wish to use the Sky remote control to work your TV in this room (volume, mute, standby etc) you will have to program the remote to perform these functions - see "Programming your remote to control your TV functions" in your Sky digibox manual.


Should you wish to fit more than one TV Link and be able to watch Sky in many rooms around your house, a distribution amplifier is required. These are available in 2, 4, and 8 way versions and can be found in the Sky Digital section of our site (Normal amplifiers cannot be used, as they do not allow the power from the digibox to pass through them to the TV Link).

The 2 and 4 way versions don't need a mains connection as they are powered by the RF2 socket on the digibox. The 8-way version comes with a power pack, which needs plugging into a 13amp socket.

Installation is simple. Once you have decided where you are going to have your amplifier (behind your TV or in loft for example) you need to run a coax cable from the RF2 socket on your digibox to the input socket of the amplifier. From the amplifier you will have to run coax cables to the rooms you wish to watch sky on, fit the TV Links and follow the instructions above for powering up. You will now be able to change your sky channel from all the rooms you have wired up.


Most faults are caused by poorly fitted connectors causing short circuits, not allowing the power to be passed through the coax cable to the TV Link.

IF THE LINK DOESN'T LIGHT UP - try plugging the link directly in the RF2 socket of your digibox. If it lights up there but not on the end of the cable you have run then the fault must lie in the connectors or cable.

IF THE LINK LIGHTS UP BUT WON'T CONTROL THE DIGIBOX FUNCTIONS - Try a short length of cable from the RF2 socket on your digibox and try the TV Link functions from there, if it doesn't work by doing this then the TV Link could be at fault. [ info ] [ sky digital ]