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kartina iptv

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kartina iptv

Kartina TV currently offers over 130 Russian channels over IP in HD quality via your broadband connection. Instead of receiving televsion or video by terrestrial or satellite methods Kartine IPTV is received via your broadband connection of 2Mbps or higher. The package includes 12 months access to the very best in Russian entertainment, movies, sports, comedy, music, news and much more. In addition you get access to many popular Russian radio stations.

Kartin TV - 130 Russian Channels Over IP

Channel List:
Первый, ORT International, НТВ, ТВЦ, РенТВ, ТНТ, СТС International, Перец, Домашний, 5 канал Петербург, ТВ3, World Fashion, Совершенно секретно, Ностальгия, 24 док, Кухня ТВ, ТелеКафе, Еда ТВ HD, Охотник и рыболов, Зоопарк, 365 дней ТВ, Первый автомобильный, Авто плюс, Кто есть кто, Zone Reality, Ocean TV, Путешествия HD, Жизнь HD, EuroNews, РБК ТВ, STV, Время, 2x2, Дождь, Детский, Карусель, Мультимания, Disney Channel, Jim Jam, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Радость моя, Музыка Первого, RU TV, МузТВ, МТV Россия, MTV HD, Ля Минор, Шансон ТВ, RuSong, Music Box RU, Music Box TV, Europa Plus TV, ЮморТВ, Комеди ТВ, Спорт 1, Спорт 2, Спорт 3, Футбол 1, Футбол 2, Футбол-HD, Супер спорт, Супер спорт-HD, Наш хоккей, Спортивное ТВ, Теннис, Боец, Спас, CNL, Брат ТВ, Израиль+, 1+1, 1+1 International, Inter+, 5 канал, ICTV, СТБ, Enter-фильм, Новый канал, Перший, ТРК Украина, Беларусь ТВ, Lider TV, Az TV, ATV International, Armenia 1, Shant TV, ТНВ - Татарстан, К+ (KZ), Грозный ТВ, Moldova 1, ProTv Chishinau, ТСВ, LTV1, LNT Latvia,TV3 Latvia, TV1 Lithuania, TV3 Lithuania, TV6 Lithuania, Звезда, МНОГОсерийное ТВ, Дом кино, Иллюзион +, Русский Иллюзион, Индия ТВ, TV1000, TV1000 Русское Кино, Феникс-Кино, Кино-Non Stop, FOX-Crime, FOX-Life, Sony Entertainment, AXN Sci-Fi, TV XXI, Фильмы HD, НСТ

Channel List (Translated):
first, ORT International, NTV, TVC, Ren, TNT, CTC International, Pepper, Home, Channel 5 Petersburg, TV3, World Fashion, Secret, Nostalgia, 24 dock, Kitchen TV, Telecafe, Food TV HD, hunter and fisherman, Zoo, TV 365 days, First Automobile, Auto Plus, Who's Who, Zone Reality, TV Ocean, Travel HD, Life HD, EuroNews, RBC TV, STV, time, 2x2, Rain, Kids, Carousel, Multimania, Disney Channel, Jim Jam, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, My joy, Music First, RU TV, MUZ, Russia MTV, MTV HD, minor, Chanson TV, RuSong, RU Music Box, Music Box TV, Europa Plus TV, YumorTV, Comedy TV, Sport 1, Sport 2, Sport 3, Football 1, Football 2, Football-HD, Super Sport, Super Sport-HD, Our hockey, sports TV, Tennis, Fighter, Spas, CNL, Brother TV, Israel +, 1 +1, 1 one International, Inter +, 5 channel, ICTV, STB, Enter-Film, New Channel, Pershiy, TRK Ukraine, Belarus TV, Lider TV, Az TV, ATV International, Armenia 1, Shant TV, TNV - Tatarstan, K + (KZ), Grozny TV, Moldova 1, ProTv Chishinau, TSV, LTV1, LNT Latvia, TV3 Latvia,
Lithuania TV1, TV3 Lithuania, TV6 Lithuania, Star, TV serials, Cinema House, Illusion +, Russian Illusion, India TV, TV1000, TV1000 Russian Film, Phoenix Film, Film Non-Stop, Fox-Crime, FOX-Life, Sony Entertainment, AXN Sci-Fi, TV XXI, Movies HD, NST

Purchasing this package includes the IPTV set top box and 12 months prepaid subscription to the Kartina TV service. After the first year a further 12 months viewing is charged at approximately £199.00.

Kartina TV Requirements:

  • Broadband connection (recommended 2Mbps download speed or better)
  • TV set with either HDMI or composite a/v inputs

Technical Specification:

  • Processor: Sigma Designs 8670/8671
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Flash memory: 128 MB, expandable with a HDD partition, USB flash drive (2GB recommended)
  • Video output modes: wide range of supported output resolutions (up to 1080p) and framerates (including 23.976p, 24p, PAL, NTSC)
  • Video output framerate: automatic (according to the played content) and manual
  • Picture file formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • Audio playback functions: browse playlist, repeat, shuffle, ID3 tags, plasma TV burn-in prevention
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbit/s
  • WiFi: inside (802.11n) with external antenna
  • Dune Network Playback Accelerator: special optimizations ensuring best-in-class network playback performance for the Sigma Designs platform
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 77mm x 26mm

Items Included:

  • Kartina Micro HD WiFi IPTV Receiver
  • Remote Control
  • Batteries 2 x AAA
  • Power Supply Unit 100V - 240V
  • Ethernet LAN Cable
  • Composite A/V Cable