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Satellite / Aerial Alignment Meters

Satellite Compass
£ 14.99
Satellite Compass colour coded for ease of use
line the north indicator of the compass under the red needle (magnetic north)
and the different coloured band line up to the satellite position .
SLX Satellite Finder
£ 15.00
SLX Satellite Finder
simple satellite finder working on the signal strngth of the satellite dish 0to indicate when the dish is aligned , works very well when used with a compass or satellite finder app on smart phone ,
because it will indicate a signal from any satellite its important that you get an accurate compass bearing for the relevant satellite
(Check our info pages for compass bearings through-out uk and europe)
satellite meter
£ 149.00

Manhattan DSM-4S Digital Satellite Meter

The latest developments in satellite identification technology have been packed into the Manhattan DSM-4S satellite meter. The DSM-4S makes finding your satellite quick and easy with its new unique satellite direction system so that you know which direction to to move your dish to find your chosen satellite.

camping satellite meter
£ 199.00

TM-HD Locater DVB-S2 Satmeter (TM-HDLOC)

The TM-HD Locater is a Full HD 1080p DVB-S2 and DVB-S compliant satellite meter with a comprehensive list of features for everything you require for a satellite install. and for easy setting of camping /caravanning satellite dish , locking on to correct satellite every time !

Horizon Digital Satellite Meter USB Plus
£ 369.00
Horizon Digital Satellite Meter USB Plus