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whyte 2-way 10db tap

(Code: whyte5s 2way tap 10)

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whyte 2-way 10db tap



5 Wire 2 Way Tap –10dB WT52-10


  • Passive IF and Terrestrial Trunk Lines
  • Only 3dB through loss on trunk
  • Passive IF and Terrestrial Tap Lines with 10dB tap loss
  • Colour coded trunk and tap connectors
  • Comes with 10 coloured 450mm F-type Tap Leads
  • Tap outputs mounted on top of unit for ease of installation and servicing
  • Multiswitch can be mounted either side of Tap horizontally or vertically
  • DC pass on all IF trunk lines
  • Auxiliary DC input injects power to HH and HL trunk lines
  • Green LED indicator indicates power present on             trunk lines
  • Inbuilt LTE filters to reject 4G interference
  • Compact unit only 16.4cm x 13.6cm (W x H)